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A Russian criminal investigator has been removed from office for falling in love with her target, who was being investigated for stealing cash from someone else’s bank account.

Madina Shukenova, a 24-year-old detective, had recently started working at the police department after completing her training in the academy.

She began investigating Mikhail Serbin, who had been accused of stealing money from a client’s account at the city bank.

Serbin disappeared in July while awaiting the hearing that would decide whether he is guilty or not. The Russian agent assured them that she does not know the whereabouts of the suspect.

The investigator was asked to gather evidence against him. However, while the man awaited trial, Shukenova fell madly in love with her suspect.

When the strange love story began, the detective even gave the suspect a car, and that was what caused the affair to be caught.

The Omsk Police said in a statement that the agent never notified what was happening between her and the suspect. Furthermore, she also did not request to be removed from the case.

Shukenova is now under a criminal investigation for her actions, as she is accused to have abused her authority and power to aid an alleged criminal.

Everything indicates that the couple will face a prolonged separation and that Shukenova, if guilty, will be removed from her position as an officer in addition to facing some time behind bars.

The local government made it clear that senior personnel connected to the investigation will also face disciplinary action for not realizing the ongoing love affair during an ongoing investigation.

A month after the escape, Serbin was arrested on the outskirts of the city and handed over to the Omsk authorities to continue the trial. In Russia, the sentence for theft and identity theft is 8 to 10 years in prison.