via SF Gate

I’ll start with a curious fact: this phrase comes up at a dinner among friends. In this case, we are talking about the general manager of Disney (Michael Eisner), his wife (Jane), Dick Rutan, and Jeana Yeager.

The latter had just been the first to fly around the world by plane without refueling or stopping. During dinner, Jane asked them what was the next step after such an achievement. Their answer was: “Well, we’re going to Disneyland”.

And out of that came a great slogan in an advertising campaign. This slogan was used by Disney after Super Bowl XXI in 1987.

In addition, several athletes were involved in the campaign, including Giants quarterback Phil Simms who for his performance as an athlete, Disney offered him 75,000 dollars to appear in their ad, with his part filmed directly after the game.

Disney continued to collaborate with athletes for their campaigns after other major sports championships. Sailor Dennis Conner was hired after winning America’s Cup, NBA star Magic Johnson was hired after the Lakers won the NBA Finals, and MLB player Frank Viola was hired after the Twins won the World Series that year.

Many of the athletes and people who have participated in the campaign by uttering the famous phrase actually go to Disneyland or Disney World shortly after making the announcement.