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Love can be shown in any way or form. But there are those who take creativity to another level.

Recently, an Australian rancher could not attend his aunt’s funeral due to the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, this was not an impediment to him, and somehow he manages to be present even in the distance and say a final goodbye to his beloved aunt.

The funeral was held in the city of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland, and during the event, the attendees saw a video taken with a drone where a group of dozens of sheep was seen being organized and guided by Ben Jackson, while they grazed and moved around the field creating figures only recognizable from a zenith position.

Jackson was practically trapped on his farm in Guyra, in the state of New South Wales, just over 270 miles away from where the funeral would take place, which is why he had the idea of ​​making a video paying honor and expressing his affection for his deceased aunt.


Video: Australian Rancher Creates Awesome Tribute With Sheep And A Drone


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“It took me several tries to get it right and the end result is what you see. It was the closest thing to a heart I ever got,” Jackson said Thursday.

Jackson tried to make several words and figures using the sheep but indicated that it was quite difficult despite already having practiced. That’s because he had already started trying to create figures herding his sheep in a drought a year ago.

“This heart that I made for my aunt certainly seems to have had an effect on Australia. Maybe we all need to give each other a big virtual hug,” said Jackson referring to the immense amount of comments and praise that he has received in the last few days on social media.

The images have gone viral and show us that it doesn’t matter how you decide to show your love, the important thing is to express it.