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We know that airport security is quite peculiar, in some cases a bit too much.

A local pub owner in Birmingham was traveling from his home city to Aberdeen to meet his wife who was already in Scotland. The airport authorities first asked him to go to a separate room to ask some routine questions.

To Richard Darrington’s surprise, the officers made a rather bizarre request that later became anecdotal. The passenger was wearing a t-shirt with a stamped water gun, the airport authority asked him to take it off as it was offensive. He was even accused of violating airport security protocols.

Without any alternative garments, Darrington felt he had no option but to remove the top, which featured a red toy gun with the word ‘water’ written on it, to turn it inside out.

“I was walking through to the airport and through security at Birmingham airport and the lady stopped me in security. She said you’re going to have to cover or remove that t-shirt,” he told a local newspaper.


World’s Gone Mad

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Richard shared the embarrassing incident on Facebook, where people were quick to defend him and mock the airport’s ‘outrageous decision, with one saying: “World’s gone mad.”

Birmingham Airport said it has no record of the incident, but it supports staff as they try to ‘protect’ customers from any potential offense. In the end, he was able to board the plane and complete his trip, but not before having a very good story to tell.

It is not the first time that an incident like this has happened. In 2020 at London airport, a woman was also approached by the authorities asking her to change her clothes as she was wearing pants with “sugar grenades” stamped on them.

Applying the same criteria of being offensive and provocative.