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Can you imagine getting ready for your next trip and suddenly the security guards of the airport ask you to follow them? I can’t imagine the confusion and the fear that that will originate in you, am I right?

Well, imagine that same scenario and when you get to security, you find out you’ve accidentally packed your cat in their carry-on luggage. This isn’t an imaginary scenario. It actually happened to a vacationing couple.

Nick and Voirrey Coole were surprised to find that Candy, their cat, had managed to sneak into their suitcase while they were packing for a trip to New York. But they found out just as they were stopped by the airport security.

The Tricky Kitten

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Just when Nick and Voirrey were about to start their vacations, the couple were ushered into a side room and asked about the surprising discovery. Airport security was very perplexed after having scanned the suitcase. As it turns out, their cat, named Candy, had climbed into the hand luggage.

“Our carry-on luggage didn’t have much to carry our purchases home,” Nick told the media, as quoted by Lad Bible. “But Candy, our cat, found a way to get in and out of the airport we all went to.”

Nick also affirmed that Candy is always looking for bags, boxes, and tight spaces to hide.

After being taken to a side room, Nick says that his wife guessed it could have been one of their three cats who secretly decided to join them, and she was right. The couple called the Isle of Man airport staff “amazing” and laughed with them once they realized it was a sincere mistake.

Then the airport staff arranged for the curious cat to be picked up and taken home so the couple could catch their flight. Fortunately, Candy is doing all right.

Nick shared photos of Candy’s trip to the airport on his Facebook page, which have been shared hundreds of times.