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Conspiracy theories have existed throughout history. They are tales that attempt to explain an event or a chain of events in an alternative way to the official narrative and that imply that the event occurs because of the secret action of powerful, extensive, and long-lasting groups usually with nefarious purposes.

Sometimes, those theories turn out to be true after extensive research made by credible people, however, most are just not true and when looked at thoroughly get easily debunked. This does not prevent them from becoming popular and spreading misinformation among those who believe them.

Although they have always existed, in recent years thanks to the rise of the internet, social networks, and the impressive and innovative communicational capacity of our times, conspiracy theories have gone from occasional to regular, reaching frankly ridiculous levels.

The latest theory that has begun to take hold is one that states that birds are not real. Yes, that’s right. The “Birds are not real” movement affirms that the US government eliminated all birds and later replaced them with robotic replicas, like drones, whose purpose is to spy on citizens.

Followers of the movement affirm that when a bird perches on power lines, what it is actually doing is recharging its battery to continue its espionage and surveillance operations.


Birds Aren’t Real

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The extravagant movement is still small but over the last few months, it has increased its membership. Recently, they even made public demonstrations with posters and songs supporting their main idea, you know… That birds aren’t real.

The movement has a website where they explain that during 40 years between 1959 and 2001 the government killed all the birds to replace them with these vigilant drones. They have confidential documents that would support their beliefs and of course an online store where people can buy from a great range of merchandise.

The movement started as a joke, but in the digital age, it didn’t take long for it to become something that many people took seriously and now deeply believe.