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It is a reality that many unexplainable things happen, isn’t it? If you work as a police officer, you probably have a lot of funny – and even outrageous – stories to tell.

Well, this is the case of police in Alpharetta, Georgia, who reported an unusual weekend encounter after stopping a driver for allegedly speeding.

George Gordon – a police spokesman – said that when the officer stopped the driver he noticed a human-sized, large-eyed, alien-like doll occupying the front passenger seat.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was the media outlet that first reported the “encounter,” stating that the driver was going about 84 miles per hour and that, according to the officer, he never explained why he was accompanied by such a peculiar figure.

The officer allowed him to leave with a verbal warning but took pictures of the alien figure wearing a seat belt. These were later posted on the police Twitter feed and went viral.


Police Officers Pull Over An Alien Riding Shotgun

Needless to say, people had plenty to say about this hilarious incident. While some optimists claimed that this could be all the proof we need to finally say that there are superior beings living among us, it’s pretty clear that it was just a guy trying to get into the carpool lane without being noticed.

But perhaps the best way of going unnoticed isn’t to ride next to a human-size doll with a giant head. I mean, if you’re going to do that, at least don’t go speeding, as it’s just a matter of thing before this happens.

We can’t know for sure if we’ll ever make contact with aliens – or if maybe we’ve made it already. What we can be sure of is that this police officer will never, ever; forget the time he pulled over a car with an alien riding shotgun. At least, he was wearing his belt.