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In Santa María Zacatepec, Mexico, a 500-feet wide giant sinkhole has already swallowed the house upstairs. The sinkhole appeared dramatically in the state of Puebla, in central Mexico, in late May, and since then it has continued to grow slowly every day. It has drawn national attention as it has grown closer and closer to a single house built on the edge of it.

Nearby bystanders came to watch and take pictures, but the inhabitants of the house worry about losing everything. Citing a risk of further ground fractures, the office warned people to stay away from the site in the town of Zacatepec in Puebla state, east of Mexico City.


Video: Sinkhole In Mexican Farm Swallows House And 2 Dogs

Recently two dogs named Spay and Spike were playing in the nearby field and then fell over. The dogs spent four days trapped on a ledge next to the sinkhole.

The house, on the other hand, appears to be in imminent danger. The sump has broken through the wall barrier and is within walking distance of the house.

“We were sleeping one night and we began to hear loud noises, we thought they were fireworks, but when we saw that the earth moved and the water rose to its level, there we got scared,” The owner of the house told El País.

Residents and researchers are still not sure how or why the sinkhole appeared, although Mexico’s national civil defense office believes it could be caused by some kind of underground river. Residents speculated that it could be due to the extraction of water from nearby factories.

For homeowners, it will be a tragedy if the sink continues to grow. At first, the hole started at 200 feet long, today it is twice the size, even bigger than a soccer field.