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When people renovate a place, they don’t know what to expect, like holes in the ceilings, mold in the rooms, broken floors, there is an infinity of possibilities but all of them stay inside the ordinary. But even the most mundane jobs have exciting and remarkable days.

Every now and then, something odd and unexplainable happens that no one can fully understand, like that time a construction crew found about a thousand teeth inside of a wall from the second floor of a commercial building in Valdosta, Georgia.

The Converse building in the downtown area is part of the history of Valdosta. It was a common renovation work until the constructors knocked out a wall and a bunch of teeth came out.


Construction Workers Find Bunch Of Human Teeth Inside A Wall

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Of course, shock was the first thing that came to their minds when they saw this weird and scary scenario. At first, everyone thought they were fake, but after looking at them more closely, they realized there were actual human teeth.

As crazy as it may sound, there is some kind of explanation for this. According to the researcher Harry Evans, the first tenant of the floor in the early XX century was Dr. Clarence Whittington. The building had been used as many dental offices in the past, until the decade of the 30s when Lester G. Youmans was the last dentist tenant and where the link to the teeth ends.

The images of the variety of buried human teeth went viral quickly. Users from across the country were creeped out by the situation and all of them wanted to know if this was real and why they were inside the building, while others, like the members of the Lowndes County Historical Society, were interested in possessing the discovery, but the constructors got rid of them as soon as they found it.

Another thing that caught attention to this strange anecdote is that this is the third building that is filled with teeth that were occupied by dentists before in Greensboro and Carrolton, but even if it is an extremely weird pattern, it doesn’t matter to the police that much to investigate the origin of these.

However, there is still the mystery of why or how the teeth were on the wall, and why there were so many of them. This will remain secret for now, because there isn’t a record about if this was normal at the time or if it was some kind of bizarre tradition among dentists in Georgia.