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Sometimes, you can find great treasures in the most unexpected places. That was the case of a family in Maine who found in one of the closets of their house an old and strange painting of one of their relatives.

The surprise came when they consulted an expert in art and painting in the city who told them that they were in the presence of an authentic Pablo Picasso painting valued at $150,000.

The painting signed by the author himself is called Le Tricorne, mentioning the dancers of the old Russian ballet court from 1919. The painting was forgotten in the house for approximately 50 years.

“This painting was discovered in a house owned by my great-aunt which was passed down to her from her uncle in the late 1930s,” said the seller to the local newspaper.

According to the auctioneer, the painting has a second version that displays the complete ballet, which is exhibited in the New York Historical Society.

The Russian ballet opened on July 22 that year. And Picasso biographer John Richardson later described the artist’s work in Le Tricorne as Picasso’s “supreme theatrical achievement.”

Pablo Picasso is better known as an artist than a theater designer. By the time he died at the age of 91 in 1973, he’d completed around 13,500 paintings, many in his iconic Cubist style.


Maine Family Finds Unique Picasso Painting, Sells It For $150,000

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The buyer whose name was not disclosed stated in the auction “This painting is a unique work of art and is explicitly understood and warrantied to not be a print, lithograph or any such multiple works, but rather a unique mixed media on paper by Pablo Picasso.”

From the moment of purchase, they will have at least 120 days to authenticate the painting with The Claude Picasso Administration, which is managed by the artist’s son.