via The Indian Times

A couple in India have found a loophole in Covid rules in order to get married, by hiring a plane for their wedding guests.

According to the airport authorities, about 150 people were on board the Boeing 737 and the images and videos quickly went viral, generating all kinds of reactions.

In the South Asian country weddings are allowed, but with a maximum of 50 guests, and in the southern state of Tamil Nadu where the plane flew through, the temples and meeting rooms are closed. So Rakesh and Dakshina decided to bypass the restrictions on public gatherings, including weddings, by hiring the SpiceJet flight.

A SpiceJet spokesperson has said that the plane, a Boeing 737, was booked by a travel agent in the city of Madurai for a flight that was to take place after a wedding. According to the company, both the agent and the guests were informed in detail in writing and orally about the security measures, social distancing, and anti-covid measures.

“Despite repeated requests and reminders, passengers did not follow Covid measures and the airline will take appropriate measures according to the rules,” the spokesperson said.

The couple said “yes, I do” at the moment when the plane flew over the Minakshi temple, the place where the couple was originally going to have the wedding, in the city of Madurai, according to the local newspaper Hindustan Times.

And as we already know the internet is a place for everyone, negative comments abounded in the posts where one of the health personnel stood out “This is the epitome of privilege. With so many fundraisers about where people can’t afford to even get CT scans, this person thought he could use his money to flout rules “.

The airline, cabin crew, and passengers are now under judicial investigation and may even be restricted from flying with the company for life.