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Some children have a difficult childhood because of bullying and abusive behavior due to a physical condition or personality traits. Some children get picked on more than others and that obviously affects them in many ways, sometimes causing long-term psychological damage.

Musa, a 6-year-old boy that lives in London with his father, was being bullied at school by his classmates for wearing glasses. They gave him bad nicknames, laughed at him, and told him that he looked ugly with his glasses on. This was affecting Musa’s self-esteem. And not knowing how to deal with the situation, he had communicated to his father that he no longer wanted to wear glasses, despite the fact that he needs them to be able to see well.

His father, very concerned about him, decided to seek support on social media to try to convince his son to ignore those who criticized him and to continue wearing his glasses with pride.

The Twitter post immediately went viral and hundreds of people began flooding the account with messages of support stating that Musa looked great with his glasses and some even sent photos of themselves wearing their own pair of glasses.

Even celebrities and politicians joined the campaign in support of Musa assuring him that they also had glasses since they were children.

The next day the proud father posted a message on social networks thanking the immense support and the many expressions of affection, assuring that his son had left for school happy and proud to wear his glasses.

This is yet another example of how people can come together for a good cause. There’s no need to pick on someone just because of the way he looks. If anything, we should embrace our differences and those little things that make us so unique.