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Dogs are our faithful companions. The loyalty of these animals towards their owners is truly incomparable and they are willing to do anything to protect and accompany them even in the worst situations.

Recently, Milagro Muñoz Araya and her husband were driving on the highway in their car; it was an ordinary day they were going to carry out some errands. But suddenly everything changed when they saw a dog desperately running around dodging cars and barking.

Milagros and her husband stopped the car, got out, and quickly this dog approached them, kept barking at them, and seemed to be trying to get them to follow her somewhere.

The couple decided to do it, they followed the dog for a few blocks and finally realized where it was taking them. The dog had led them directly to where a man was lying on the ground with a cane at his side. Chiquita, as the dog is called, had run for help after her owner collapsed on the floor.

The couple immediately called an ambulance, which minutes later arrived to help the man. They put him in the ambulance and the dog got on with them and perched on his owner’s chest. Paramedics allowed it for a few minutes but then had to remove it in order to properly assist the man in distress.

The man was taken to the emergency room and a few hours later he was discharged after receiving medical attention and outside the hospital, he was reunited with the dog that saved his life.

Chiquita and her owner live in the back of a truck that is practically on the street, so Milagro and her husband have decided to help even further as they took the dog to a vet to be cleaned and properly vaccinated.

“I think it’s very important that people know this kind of story so that they become more aware not only of how many animals suffer but how good they are. Many times they are helpless, they have a big heart, and sometimes they need our help. This shouldn’t be forgotten” said Milagro.

The incredible story of this dog and its owner reminds us of how incredibly loyal animals can be in times of greatest need.

via Paws World
via Paws World