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For decades, human fascination for finding intelligent life on other planets has been driven by scientific advances made in the area of ​​space exploration, helping expand our perspective of the universe and what it contains to almost infinite levels.

Science fiction has also contributed its part. Filling popular culture with characters from other planets visiting ours in highly technologically advanced crafts. For years, this belief has been transferred from science fiction to the reality of anecdotes of thousands of people who claim to have seen or even some, to have been contacted by these beings or by these ships.

Recently, a video of the Mexican Air Force went viral on social media showing at least 16 unidentified flying objects, hoovering near the coast of Mexico.

The objects were spherical and very shiny and moved at high speeds, making a sharp turn in different directions without following apparent patterns. And they were detected by a military plane that was patrolling the area, however, the ground radars also perceived the presence of these glowing balls in the sky.

The speculations quickly began and there were those who attributed this event to alien beings. On the other hand, a group of scientists affirms that the event was the product of a meteorological phenomenon that is formed from the accumulation of bubbles of ionized gas with low-density electrons that propagate horizontally through the air and disintegrate when they collide with an object.

However, events like these are repeated more and more and it is very difficult to find an explanation for everyone. Another video circulated recently in which the US Navy captured a spherical object flying off the coast of California. Even the Pentagon has confirmed the veracity of the filming.

In July 2018, the crew of the boat detected the presence of an unidentified flying object of a spherical shape that was flying near them and that after a few minutes abruptly submerged in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, but to the surprise of the Marines, they couldn’t find the remains of any ship in the area, nor evidence of their presence in the water.

“I can confirm that the video was taken by Navy personnel, and that the UAPTF included it in their ongoing examinations,” said Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough

These images have rekindled the debate about aliens and the possibility of them visiting us and their motivations for doing so.

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For now, nothing can be confirmed but, in the meantime, we might have to keep our eyes open at any moment we could inadvertently encounter a UFO.