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A small 18-month-old dog was trapped in a river of ice for 4 days after probably being chased by coyotes and trying to flee, he jumped into the river and got trapped on an ice sheet in the middle of it.

He spent 4 intense days in the Detroit River but the puppy managed to survive until he was rescued by Jude Mead who used an airboat that the chemical company BASF Corp. allowed him to use.

“They physically went to this little island where he was and they were able to physically rescue him. He was hiding in this little uninhabited piece of land, but it was very difficult to get there because of the ice,” said Dr. Lucretia Greear, a Woodhaven Animal Hospital veterinarian who took care of the animal after the miraculous rescue.

The dog had some areas of his body frozen and was suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, and pancreatitis but he was able to recover after several days under medical care, and he is now in better health than ever.

Rescuers decided to call the dog Alfonso and for several weeks he has been in an animal shelter waiting to be adopted and taken to a new home with a family. Many were interested but after an arduous selection process, the Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter decided that the best candidate was Jude Mead the very same person and who helped rescue him.

“Today the story was closed in a circle. Today the little dog Milagro was put in the hands of the hero who saved his life. That’s right … this dog who defied ALL ODDS now will live happily ever after with the man who saved his life. Miracle could not ASK for a better or more ideal family to love him! “Announced the refuge in a statement on its official Facebook page.

Its new owner changed its name to Miracle and will take it to his new home where we are sure he will be very happy. We love stories with a happy ending, and this is definitely one of them, after a traumatic experience in which he almost lost his life now he has a new opportunity and a new family.