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An animal shelter is a facility that serves as a space for animals whether they were abandoned or are lost, to live. The intention is usually for it to be temporary since space and resources tend to be limited and newly rescued animals enter every day.

That is exactly the case of Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc. in New Jersey, which “is founded on the belief that all animals have a natural right to humane treatment including proper care and safe shelter” as its home page states.

Enter Sadie, a 100-pound dog that was rescued by this shelter after three other shelters turned her away for some behavioral issues. Sadly, they were all almost on the brink of giving up on the hope of finding it a home.

That is when Brian Myers came in and decided to adopt Sadie and bring it back to his house. “I thought, let me give this dog a chance because she’s beautiful and I think I can work through her issues,” Myers said.


Rescued Dog Sadie Saves Owner From A Stroke

A few months later when Sadie was already settled in her new home and was establishing her relationship with her new owner, Myres, unfortunately, had a stroke.

It was late at night and Brian had decided to get out of bed for a moment. As soon as he stood on the side of the bed, he felt like he was getting dizzy and losing control of his body. He fell to the ground and although very confused by the situation, he managed to recognize who would be his savior. Sadie had stood next to the lying body of her friend curious and worried about what she was seeing.

Brian then regained some consciousness and was able to locate his cell phone with his eyes. He held on tight to Sadie’s necklace as she forcefully dragged him across the room to the point where he was able to pick up his phone and call 911 for medical assistance. The ambulance came and he was rushed to Englewood Health in Englewood, New Jersey.

Sadie’s heroic act remains a mystery because even though it was spectacular, Brian has no idea how she knew what to do at such a difficult time. “As far as I know she had never been trained as a service dog or anything,” Myers told CBS News.

Dog loyalty continues to impress us all. They keep us company, they give us joy and laughter. And in the least expected moment, they can even – literally – save our lives.