Mauro Restrepo, from California, has filed a lawsuit against a psychic for not having broken an alleged curse that his ex-partner put on him. He accuses her of fraud after she asked him for $5,100 to remove a spell and be safe.

He demands from the woman, named Sophia Adams, compensation of up to 25,000 for considering that it is a “scam” and even being in a conspiracy with her ex.

After an initial installment of $1,000, Restrepo saw no improvement in his marriage, and this was enough for the man to file a lawsuit against the clairvoyant.

Restrepo claims that he sought out Sophia Adams, who defines herself as a “Psychic Specializing in Love”, to help him through a bad marriage breakup.

At first, they carried out several consultations that she defined as “analysis and observation”, then, according to the seer, the real process would begin. Mauro Restrepo confirmed that it had been of no use while he continued with nights of insomnia, anxiety, and anguish, according to the lawsuit he filed.

Other allegations in the lawsuit filed include negligence, civil conspiracy, and willful and negligent infliction of emotional distress. According to the lawsuit, Sophia Adams is licensed for psychic services and related businesses issued by the city of Gardena, California.

She runs her business from a rented home in the Palos Verdes States and introduces herself as a psychic offering “insightful readings, counseling, and spiritual guidance” among other services.

Restrepo contacted Adams and the two exchanged text messages before she told him to come to her business for a first session.

According to the plaintiff, he spent almost three months looking for the best psychic, until he found Adams. It is not the first time a psychic gets sued for scamming desperate and particularly vulnerable people out of their money.