A 75-year-old man was seen driving well below the speed limit on a highway that passes through 11 counties in Florida. Three Highway Patrol vehicles came up to help him get off the road safely. It happened on Florida’s Turnpike near mile marker 9.

The event featured a 75-year-old Hispanic man who later told police that he had accidentally got on the road with his three-wheeled scooter and did not know how to get out.

Sporting a white golf cap, shorts, and an American flag, the elderly man was seen driving well below the speed limit heading north on the highway.

The Florida Highway Patrol told Fox News that agents in three vehicles responded to the situation and accompanied the man to the next exit ramp to reach safety.

This unusual “chase” was recorded in a 15-second video posted by a social media user that quickly went viral with hilarious comments.

“This is the reason why auto insurance in Miami is so high,” was one of the most celebrated responses on Instagram.

“That man is living his best time escaping from the asylum. Run, Grandpa! Run!” commented another person.

We would like to think that it only happened this time, but no, it is not the first time at all. Not even of this year. Carol Lynn Crispino, 64, who lives at 760 Kauska Way in the Fruitland Park section of The Villages, was behind the wheel of the golf cart at 8:15 pm southbound according to a state police report. A pickup truck spotted the golf cart and began following it to prevent traffic from hitting it, the arrest report says.

Crispino stopped at the Okahumpka Service Plaza where she was greeted by an FHP police officer who had been contacted. Apparently, Crispino had a couple of nightcaps and doesn’t know how she ended up on the highway. In both cases, luckily no injuries were reported.