via New York Post

Only a handful of lucky people would survive a fall from a 9th floor. However, sometimes a stroke of luck such as a strong blow muffled by some object on the street can save someone’s life from certain death.

Although in most cases these shock-absorbing objects that manage to save the life of the person who has fallen from a great height only appear in the movies, now and then a similar event occurs in real life, surprising thousands of people and causing those present at the scene to believe in miracles again.

This has been the case of a 31-year-old man who fell from the ninth floor of a building in Jersey City, New Jersey. Everything pointed to the fact that the young man would not live after this, however his fall was cushioned by a Beemer BMW that was parked right in front of the building.

After the strong impact, the car was destroyed, the rear window exploded and the roof was completely sunk. The man, on the other hand, came out of the interior of the vehicle with a jump between pain screams, complaining of the great pain that he felt in his arm twisted by the harsh fall.

The stunned passers-by who witnessed the scene quickly called 911 and took footage of the moment. The video that later went viral was of the man getting out of the car writhing in pain nonstop. Once the ambulance arrived, the man was quickly transferred to the emergency room in a nearby hospital.

The circumstances surrounding the incident still appear suspicious and the police are trying to understand why this man fell down. It was not easy at first due to an initial lack of cooperation from the individual who even refused to give his name.

Now the man is finally collaborating with the authorities and it was determined that the man jumped himself trying to commit suicide.