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Recently the world got some shockingly exciting news that could be the very awaited closure of one of the most famous unsolved cases in American history, the Zodiac killings. The Zodiac killer was a serial killer that operated in the San Francisco Bay area back in the late 60s.

“Zodiac Killer” was the self-titled name that he put on one of the many encrypted letters he sent to the media while he was terrorizing the country. Even though there was a wave of these murderers with a similar modus operandi, and he practically asked for very much attention from the police, no one could ever solve who the killer was.

Zodiac said in his letters that he had killed 37 people, although there were only 5 confirmed cases. Along with his cipher messages, he attached pieces of bloody clothes that affirmed were from the different killings. His brutal ways included shooting and stabbing.

There were thousands of detectives and journalists who tried to find the mysterious identity of the killer, even when the case turned into a cold case, but no one had success. However, it seems like this finally changed thanks to a group called The Case Breakers.

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The Case Breakers are integrated by over 40 detectives, journalists, and military intelligence officers who often work to try to solve cold cases. After many years of hard work, they were able to decode one of the remaining unsolved letters which gave them a possible suspect.

They say that it was impossible to crack the letter because you would have to know the complete name of the culprit, otherwise, the letter had another totally different message. Another very remarkable problem was that the name that they found was a man that was never linked to the murderers and didn’t even live near the area.

All of the Case Breakers’ investigation and evidence points to a man called Gary Francis Poste, who had some resemblance to the sketches of the killer that had been known for many decades ago. Both the sketch and Poste had the same scars on the forehead.

Gary F. Poste was an Air Force veteran and used to paint houses for a living, where he used military boots that matched the same style and size as the crime scenes. On the other hand, they found some evidence in Poste’s old darkroom and his former neighbor pointed him out.

Also, they think he was guilty of another previous killing of an 18-year-old college girl in Riverside California a couple of years before the Zodiac murderers. Still, Poste died in 2018, and the police and FBI have to confirm all of the evidence.