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As teenagers, mischief is quite common. Each family faces them differently, some punish their children and some choose a more fun and probably a more effective way. In California, a father did the latter, in a funny and quite creative way he gave the kind of lesson his son needed without the need for punishment. Through motion sensors, the man was able to see that his son escaped from home through the window with his friends and then all returned together again.

Then he had an idea. To make his trap work, the man also had the help of Alexa, Amazon’s smart speaker. The plan consisted of placing cameras with a motion sensor linked to the lights in the room where his son would enter, in addition, he programmed a message for when this happened.

A trap that has been recorded and has now gone viral on TikTok. In the video you can see how the young man climbs through the window with his friends and, seconds later, the lights turn on and Alexa transmits the message.

“Hi Jesse, Next time just say you want to get out so you don’t have to climb out of a window with all your friends. I hope you had fun, been safe, and didn’t shit your pants when I started talking.”

The father also had a revelation, at the end of the message he said: “With this, I can go viral, thanks for the content.”

@rhythmlessmanThat was fun. Thanks, Alexa, for the assist! #fypage #parenting #teenager #college

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That’s how it happened, the video that has now hit more than 13 million views and 6 million comments went viral in less than 48 hours.

After the scare, Jesse and his friends can not help but laugh as the young man notices the camera and curses his father, and then jokingly says “I love you, you are the best”, giving credit for the incredible joke.