via Daily Mail

Being under the influence of alcohol can cause a person to act irrationally, however, the incident involving a 50-year-old Turkish man is possibly the most unusual of all. Beyhan Mutlu, 50, from a rural town in Turkey, had decided to go out to a bar with his friends. After several bottles, things got a bit confusing and it seems that in an act of irrational drunkenness the man decided to go into a nearby forest.

The friends, amused by the situation, let him go, but the laughter quickly diminished as they realized that Beyhan did not emerge back from the forest.

They waited several hours but there came a point where, worried about his absence, the friends alerted the authorities and they immediately launched a search and rescue mission to try to find him before a misfortune occurred.

When news of the missing person became known on a local television channel, efforts to find him intensified in nearby neighborhoods, and a group of volunteers joined the rescue mission.

Dozens of rescuers and volunteers joined the search in the forest. More and more people were adding to the search group but what they did not know was that among the volunteers was Beyhan himself. This man volunteered for hours in a search and rescue mission of himself.

The search team was shouting Mutlu’s name for hours when suddenly a man from the group spoke up and said, “Who are we looking for? Because I am here.”

The authorities responsible for the rescue mission do not know exactly how Mutlu entered his own search party or how his friends did not realize that the man was in front of them all the time. Finally, the police were able to escort Mutlu safely to his home and the incident became an unusual and funny anecdote.