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Relationships are sometimes bittersweet, they have their ups and downs but as long as you know how to handle them with maturity and honesty, everything should be fine. This was not the case of a man who recently died so his wife and son wanted to leave a message on his tombstone to remind him of one of his wrongdoings. After she discovered a love affair that her deceased husband kept while he was alive, the message on the tombstone was not going to be loving at all.

“He was having a love affair with a co-worker, also married, and he got her pregnant shortly before he died,” the son said in a Reddit forum where he explained the situation. “He was planning to leave mum, skip the country, and move to Canada to start a new life with her. They had a house picked out and all”, added the son of the deceased in the forum.

Some of the users agreed with him but some advised him to change the message as it was quite obnoxious, especially since it was his father after all.

The message on the tombstone was clear “In loving memory of John Doe, son, husband, father and adulterer” for some it is too harsh and for others, it is simply beautiful.

The son also let it be known that in addition to the death of his father, he had to leave his job and return home, as well as his younger brother, leave the university since the mother is quite upset.

Some of the users wrote that if they ever see the headstone they will “die” laughing. “Your mom is an icon,” said one user.

The most cautious advised the boy to pay to change the message. Something that most of the forum users rejected.

“If someone should pay, if they want to change it, it should be the mistress,” commented a woman.

The son refuses to change it since, according to him, “it expresses the true feeling he has about his father, in addition, the text honors my mother who had to put up with it.”