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Frank, an employee of The Pines Cafe Bar, located in Dublin, is the main character in a viral video in which he is seen holding an umbrella over a person in a wheelchair in the middle of heavy rain.

“A complete and very generous service” is indicated by the post that shows a bar employee escorting the customer with an umbrella in the middle of heavy rain.

They call it customer service. And it is not obvious to find it in all the places dedicated to welcoming “clients”.

Learning how to receive your customers, taking care of guaranteeing them the best experience in your business, be it a restaurant, a gym, or a store, should be the norm.

“Our Frankie goes beyond“, said the owner of the place after the repercussion of the video, without a doubt it is an image that speaks of the human touch that in some cases is missing in today’s age.

The bar staff was moved by the kind gesture of their colleague when someone filmed the disinterested bartender walking by holding the huge umbrella over the customer’s head.

The video has been posted on Twitter and has obtained more than 60,000 views with people reacting to it and praising Frankie for making that simple yet meaningful gesture that for the client it sure made a big-time difference.

“We are enormously overwhelmed by the reaction. When we posted it on our social media, we felt it captured and summed up the entire Irish dining experience along with the quick thinking and goodwill of our staff members. The customer in question has been a regular customer for years and we know him well. Our staff always try to go the extra mile for him,” Cathal Hughes, the owner of The Pines Bar told the local press.