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Having neighbors can be really difficult, depending on who they are. In the best scenario, you can have a great friendship with them or even never talk to them, but sometimes you can have bad luck and they can be your worst nemesis. Kristopher Hess, an 18-year-old, didn’t have any type of relationship with his neighbor, other than thinking that she seemed like a nice lady, but this would all change after Hess got carried away by his friend Mark.

First, it was a normal Independence Day weekend that Kristopher and Mark were celebrating in Kristopher’s backyard with a few beers to get through the heat of the day. Later everything went wrong thanks to some little fireworks.

Mark convinced Kristopher to get a few sparklers, and even though he wasn’t a fan of them, he accepted. They were playing with the small sparks until they made contact and a flame started, which was slowly spreading to his neighbor, Patricia’s fence.

They tried to cease the fire, but all the fence was caught on, so the firefighters had to intervene. The next day, all seemed pretty normal, still, Kristopher was feeling as guilty as he never did. An unpleasant surprise was waiting for him in his home, once he got back from work.

Patricia took advantage of his guilt and felt entitled to send him an email where she demanded Kristopher to give her $10,000 to get a new fence and replace the burnt lawn, along with insisting that he should pay her water bill for three whole months.

Of course, he didn’t have that amount of money, so he asked his father for some advice, who told him that wasn’t an official document and he should not give her a penny. Even though he felt really bad, he wasn’t willing to fall into her trap, because her backyard wasn’t even in that good condition, and she was already planning on remodeling months before the incident.

Still, he tried to do his best and asked for help from a contractor friend that could give him an estimate to arrange the yard. With the budget complete, he went to Patricia, who wasn’t happy about it and didn’t accept what she thought were random people.

Kristopher offered her $2,000, which was the cost of his budget, however, she was determined to get her demands. She decided to go on with her remodeling plans, and that is when he searched her name on the Internet.

He found some pictures of her in a Hawaiian resort, where she spent all of her previous remodeling money. These images would be part of Kristopher’s defense after Patricia tried to take him to court.

Luckily for Christopher, Patricia lost the case and got into several financial problems that caused her to sell the house to move to a smaller one, so he won’t ever see her again. Check out all the pics here.