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What defines a hero is his willingness to take risks and even sacrifice for others. Franco Pokrajac is a real hero. Franco, 20, was driving with his mother when he saw a woman asking for help because her dog had fallen into a dangerous canal so he decided to jump into the dangerous riverbed trying to save it. Sadly his efforts were in vain. The strong current carried him away and he drowned. This happened in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza province, Argentina. The whole city is shocked and sad for the young man.

The force of the current of the Cacique Guaymallén channel drag him away until the people who were there lost sight of him.

His mother also jumped into the water trying to save him but she could not do it. Neighbors approached the site using ropes to rescue the woman to pull her put from her. Later firefighters cut off the flow of water from the channel and it was when they find the body of the young man, about 14 feet deep, inside the siphon. They also found the dog’s dead body.

When the sad outcome was known, the signs of consternation and affection did not take long to appear. There were few who classified him as a hero by risking his life to rescue an animal.

Miriam, a friend of the young man told local media his friend loved animals.

“He was always skateboarding and the dogs followed him everywhere. It was crazy how much they loved him. Whenever he saw a stray dog ​​he would take him to the vet and never think about the expenses. He put animals above all things,” said Miriam.

The boy used to work regularly with an NGO dedicated to the protection and defense of animals and did not hesitate to assist the dogs that he found in the street.

“I have always put food for them. It’s so sad what happened. El Flaco, El Sordo, Negro, Vizcacha, Malote, and Mona are going to miss him because they adored him,” said Miriam in relation to the ten dogs that the young man helped and assisted.