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During the last few years and thanks to the internet and the rise of social media, thousands of people have made visible their ways of life, preferences, and opinions, which perhaps before had ended up buried or discarded in some of the funnels of traditional media.

This constant culture shock has taken a special impact on some gender concepts, modifying the way we think about them. Gender roles, and even the way we think of peoples aesthetics have changed.

Joanna Kenny, an influencer, shows without any shame what could be considered “imperfections” and among them is her facial hair. This is done with the intention of normalizing that being perfect is impossible.

More and more people are fighting publicly against the established beauty standards that affect young people and can cause them to have a very closed consideration of the world around them or that affects the development of their personalities.

An idea that is not far from reality, especially for women, who have to fight daily with derogatory comments if they get out of the classic stereotypes.

Body positivity and self-acceptance are also the messages that Kenny launches, which has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok in just two months.

“Like so many other people, I grew up believing that visible facial hair was unsanitary, unattractive, and masculine. This is something that we must collectively unlearn as a society,” he says in one of his publications, where he argues that waxing should be a “choice. non-judgmental staff “.

The influencer has received messages of support and others in which they have also criticized her, to which she turns a deaf ear.

So, despite that, she continues to support each person to show themselves in a natural way without fear of criticism and comments from others.


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