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A story shared by a woman about her terrible date with a Tider boy recently went viral. Hannah, 20, had met a man on Tinder during the pandemic. The two of them hit it off and so they started chatting, they liked each other and the time came they finally decided to meet and have their first date after several weeks of exchanging messages.

In fact, she was excited to move forward in the relationship. “I didn’t see a lot of things happen, I just thought I could try,” Hannah said

The couple went to dinner at a restaurant, a well-known dating spot in The Royal King’s Arms Hotel, in the English city of Lancaster.

During the date, the man shares about his life, and among the stories, he told one touched Hannah’s heart. The man told her that his wife had died of cancer, and even showing her photos of her.

But from one moment to another the environment of the date changed radically and it was just at the moment that this man accidentally raised his gaze. He suddenly, turned all white, as if he had seen a ghost, and ran to the bathrooms.

Confused Hannah looked around her to know what had scared her date so much and that was when she realized everything.

“I turn around and see a woman very similar to the one he had shown me in the photo. More than similar, she was identical. It was like seeing a ghost. Turns out the dead ex-wife wasn’t that dead. In fact, the woman had two children with him and he thought she was working overtime to support them,” Hannah said.

Surprised Hannah is approached by the woman of her date and it is she who explains that this behavior is not even new and that she is in fact the 6th woman to whom her boyfriend tries to cheat in that way.

“Did he think it wasn’t a big deal to fake a dead partner for a date? I put down money to pay my share of the bill and left. When he left the place, he heard the poor woman yelling at him,” she assured.