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An Indonesian public worker surprised everyone with the name he has given his newborn son: “Department of Statistical Communication”.

Slamet “Yoga” Wahyudi, 38, and his wife agreed when she was pregnant, that if she gave birth to a boy it would be him who would choose the name, and if it was a girl the decision would be upon her.

Rather than choosing a traditional name, the man, who works in the province of Central Java, decided to pay tribute to his workplace.

His wife, Ririn Linda Tunggal Sari, 31, ended up having a boy, and true to the agreement Yoga was allowed to name him.

In conversations with local media, Yoga said that, although at the beginning, his wife found the name strange, “thank God, she didn’t care.”

The couple’s friends and family, including their parents, raised concerns about the choice of the baby’s name, but Yoga says they ended up accepting their decision.

Despite the shock, everyone was reassured when they learned that the father agreed that his son would use the name “Dinko” which is the acronym for his workplace.

Yoga has worked there for more than 10 years and joined the Indonesian civil service in 2009, for him doing this is the best way to pay tribute to public service.

Apparently in Indonesia, this practice is quite common. Now “Dinko” is added to a long list of names like Tuhan, which means God. “Saiton”, which translates as Satan. “Nabi” speaks of a prophet, and one of the rarest but still more popular is “Goto” which means “Andi go to school”.

Andi is a policeman in Magelang, Central Java. Andi’s father, Bullking, hoped the name would make Andi love going to school.

Apparently, for Goto, unusual names run in the family. His father’s name, Bullking, derives from the symbol of a bull in Partai Nasional Indonesia, a traditional festival in the country.