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The local police received an unusual complaint when a woman accused her 23-year-old neighbor of hanging her intimate clothes in the courtyard of a house. This happened in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The complainant assures that she does it intentionally to seduce her husband.

According to local media, the police were surprised to receive a call to 911 and heard the unusual accusation. The claim is based on the fact that she thinks the young woman is acting against morality and decency.

The agents went to the house, to try to mediate in the tense conflict. The complainant a 42-year-old woman named Yuvitza told the police that her neighbor wanted to provoke her by doing this in front of everyone. She is assuring that her intention is to try to seduce her husband by hanging intimate clothes in public display.

They say the young woman does this every single day and that this is causing a lot of distress in her husband as he apparently cannot stop himself from watching the young woman’s undergarments, so she decided to file a formal accusation against the “shameless” woman.

Yuvitza went on to further explained that she caught her husband red-handed staring at the young woman’s underwear from a window in their house. She did not think to talk about this behavior with her husband but instead, she decided to put the blame on her neighbor.

To justify her accusation, the lady considers that it is no coincidence that her neighbor washes her underwear on a Saturday, just the day her husband is free from work. She must be doing her laundry intentionally.

The police officers who probably had real crimes to attend to try to explain to this woman that her neighbor was not committing any crime and advised her to talk to her husband to avoid future conflicts but that they by no means whatsoever could stop the young woman from hanging her clothes on her property.