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All people have the right to believe whatever they want. Even if those beliefs are dangerous and even life-threatening to themselves.

James Sakara, a 22-year-old man, was a pastor of Zion Church, a Christian congregation located in Zambia, a country in southern Africa. His preaching career was quite humble, he was not well known outside of his congregation, however, he recently became famous.

Unfortunately, he will not be able to enjoy that sudden fame because what caused it was his death. This man was convinced that he was some kind of second coming of Christ, so he decided to show his followers that he had the ability to emulate the resurrection.

Sakara himself asked his followers to bury him alive and leave him in a pit for three days, at which time he would emerge back and finally prove his powers to everyone.


Video: Pastor Tries To Resurrect, Dies Buried Alive

He wanted to repeat the biblical story, Unfortunately, he obviously did not succeed.

Local media claimed that the man tried to convince his congregation to help him on this task, but most of the members were reluctant and expressed their strong disagreement with this. But In the end, at least three men said yes and helped him with his challenge.

They all dug his grave. The hole where the minister voluntarily stepped in was not very deep and there, he was buried with his hands tied.

After 72 hours, Sakara’s assistants dug him up and found that he was unable to fulfill his promise. Upon seeing the lifeless body, church members attempted a series of rituals to resurrect it, but to no avail.

The young pastor, who was also a practitioner of traditional medicine, tried to explain his decision through a biblical quote in which he interpreted that Jesus wanted people to follow his lead and try to resurrect.