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Life is full of ups and downs, many surprises and it can change at any time whether we want it or not, and from every crisis situation, there is an opportunity to get ahead as best as possible.

This is what happened to a former Afghan minister who, from enjoying the privileges of a prominent position in the government of his country, went on to perform a very different job.

Sayed Sadaat, who was Afghan Minister of Communications between 2016 and 2018, is currently working as a delivery man in the eastern German city of Leipzig. He left Afghanistan fleeing political corruption and lack of safety.

According to local media, the former Afghan politician fled from and his country during 2020. He came to Germany and since then he has been trying to get a job related to his academic training in computer science and his political experience while continuing to learn the German language.

However, that job hunt has not been easy and so far it has not yielded results so Sayed Sadaat, urged by the need to generate an income, decided to take a job very different from the one he was used to.

Now the former minister is a food delivery man with a bicycle.

This 49-year-old man spends his days attending 4 hours a day of German classes and 6 hours as a delivery man.

During his youth, he studied in Oxford, United Kingdom, and in 2016 he received an offer for a position at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in Kabul where he assumed the highest position just a few months after his arrival due to the fact that his predecessor was dismissed for corruption charges.

In 2018, he left the post due to pressure and returned to the private sector but the country’s political instability led him to flee from it during last year.

“I was before a minister, serving people and now I’m a Lieferando (food) courier. It is still serving people ”said Sayed Sadaat.

News of this bizarre career change has gone viral on social media in recent days.