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Makai and Ellion Crane are 13-month-old twins born to mixed-race parents in Vermont. The first is curly hair and dark brown eyes. The second has blonde locks and was born with gray eyes.

Makai and Ellion are dichorionic diamniotic twins, which means that although they shared a womb, they both had their own amniotic sacs and placenta.

They were born via C-section just four minutes apart.

Leaetta Harris, the twins’ mother, says people are “shocked” to learn that her two children are from the same father. She is of black and white ancestry, while the father, Lamba Crane, was born in Gabon, her mother is black African and her father is white American.

“Some family members have made joking comments asking if they have the same father, which they do. We think our children are very special. We are very proud to have created such different babies,” Leaetta said.

The twins have become popular on social media where their mother regularly posts their photos. The goal is to show people that families come in many colors.


Amazing Twins Were Born With Different Skin Color

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“They are two different people with their personalities. Makai is more outspoken and emotional while Ellion is more laid back and independent,” adds the mother of these adorable twins.

Leaetta says that both she and her partner have faced racism in their lives. They expect the twins to face difficult questions and comments about their skin color. She wants to teach them about racism and prepare them to face any situation in the future.

“I think it’s cool that they look opposite each other. It’s fascinating and shows the madness of the genes,” said the father in an interview.

Since 2008, there was no record of a similar case. At that time in London, twins were also born with biracial parents and they were among the first cases in the Western world.