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After the excitement of the Olympics, the spotlight is now on the Paralympics.

Egypt’s Ibrahim Hamadtou has stunned viewers watching the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

The athlete had his first match in the men’s Class 6 table tennis tournament this week and people were amazed at seeing him play without arms.

These games are full of superb stories that amaze the world and certainly leave us with a beautiful reflection on the things we focus on. The Egyptian suffered an accident that left him without arms at age 10, but he did not give up and has reached Tokyo, where he has become one of the most recognized athletes in the contest.


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Ibrahim had already participated in Rio 2016 when he amazed everyone with his impressive technique which he perfected over the years and is still valid today.

“It was quite difficult to play table tennis after the accident,” he told CNN in May 2014. “I had to train hard for three years in a row every day.”

The athlete, without arms, has competed with the paddle in his mouth, contesting each ball with the movement of his head and serving with his feet.

Nobody thought that he could participate in a Paralympic Games and less in the specialty of table tennis without the upper extremities. But he has taught the world a lesson of struggle and determination.

During his beginnings, he tried to hold the shovel with his armpit but it did not work, so he began to try it with his mouth and was able to handle it perfectly.

“The disability is not in the arms or legs, the disability is not persevering in what you would like to do,” The athlete said that at the end of his participation in Rio.

What an amazing athlete.