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In a world where everything changes radically from one day to the next, it is impressive to sometimes witness things that actually remain forever.

It always fills our hearts to see elderly couples who have stayed together since their youth and have lived thousands of positive and negative experiences while building their family, and who in spite of everything remain as support for the other even in the most difficult situations.

A video recently went viral on TikTok in which an elderly man can be seen, being assisted by a young woman, preparing to propose to a woman sitting near him.


Video: Man Proposes To His Wife Every Week

@thekatykatThis one hits home. It runs in my family.

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What is revealed as the video progresses is that the two of them are already married and have been married for more than 45 years, however, his wife has Alzheimer’s and does not remember it. In fact at one point in the video when he approaches her she says “you remind me of my husband”.

His daughter was who shared this beautiful story on TikTok.

The man gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring to propose, to which the woman automatically responds with a big burst of emotion and starts crying. The man places the ring on her finger and they kiss. As if it was the very first time.

She may have forgotten who her husband is but she definitely does not forget how he makes her feel.

The most impressive thing is that this brave man does this regularly. At least once a week this old man prepares himself with a suit, flowers, chocolates, music, or anything else that can help make the moment of proposing marriage to his wife more romantic.

The clip already has millions of likes and thousands of comments from people around the world who have seen this man’s impressive action as the greatest token of love.