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It is never too late to change your life. Even the worst people can suddenly have a reckoning that makes them realize their mistakes and decide to take a 180-degree turn that puts their lives back on track away from those conducts that are harmful to society and to themselves.

Enrique Rodriquez spent several years in his teens as a gang member in New Jersey. In 2009 his brother was imprisoned and that left Enrique with a feeling of total disconnection with the rest of society, so he saw in the gang a kind of family where he could feel that he belonged to something bigger than himself. Obviously, he was wrong.

“The gang lifestyle is pure manipulation. They make you feel like they care about you, that they’ve got your back that you’re family; but all they do is use you so they don’t have to get their hands dirty, ” Enrique said.


Former Gang Member Turns Into Internet Sensation After Serenading Patients

Enrique realized that he was involved in something that was not good when having problems with a rival gang, they began to target his own mother. Twice there were attempts to hurt Enrique’s mother, luckily before that happened, the police caught the aggressor.

From then on Enrique decided to change his life. He walked away from the gang and got a job as a housekeeper at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. A year later he completed his training and became a patient carer in the ICU, and now works as a phlebotomist in the same place.

During these years, Enrique has understood that there is much more to life than violence in the streets and that he can contribute to society in many ways. even during the last few months, there have been viral videos where Enrique with a natural musical talent sings to the patients.