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After intense days of rain in China, the level of lakes and rivers has risen a lot, causing heavy flooding in some cities in the central area of ​​that country.

In Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, there have been moments of high tension during the last few days because the dams used to redirect water were not enough and the city was flooded. The amount of rain that fell on all that area has broken historical records.

In that city, a woman had picked up her two grandchildren from the nursery and was driving through the flooded streets to her house, however, as the journey progressed it became more and more complicated as the water had begun to rise causing the vehicle to move slower until it finally was trapped.

While she was trapped in the water, the woman immediately called her daughter. The daughter confirmed her location by describing nearby stores and tried calling those stores based on information she obtained from the internet but wasn’t successful. She later posted a message on WeChat, asking for help.

Chen Yangyang, the dance teacher of one of the children trapped in the car, saw her message on the way home, so Chen ran to the spot without hesitation. Lu Lianmeng, the owner of a nearby store, also came to the site.


Neighbors Save Grandmother And Children From Flood

“I called the neighboring hotel and the manager, Li Kunpeng, came with me and we hurried to the place. We had a very limited time to prepare and all we had was a kitchen knife” said Lu.

It was reported that the grandmother in an attempt to calm the children’s nervousness told them that it was all about a game called Adventure in the Flood.

Two security guards, Lou Yanzhe and Fan Xiaoliang also rushed to the rescue with a hammer, so they managed to break the car windows and remove first the children and then their grandmother.

At least 11 people participated in the miraculous rescue of these three people. The video and images of his heroic action went viral on social media.