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A camera in northern Vietnam captured footage of a cyclist saving a baby who fell from a second floor and the video immediately went viral. Thanks to the rapid reaction of the cyclist who saw the little girl on the verge of falling and accelerated his pedaling to catch him.

The incident was recorded by the security camera of a house across the street and shared on Facebook, quickly attracting the attention of everyone on social media.

The online community named him the hero on wheels, the video reached more than 300 thousand views in five hours.

“I heard a woman screaming near my house, I took my bicycle and started my route, when I looked up I saw the baby hanging from the railing. I ran to catch the baby,” Luong Thanh Ha said to a local newspaper.


Vietnamese Cyclist Becomes Local Hero

The baby, a four-year-old girl, luckily the incident resulted in no injuries for her, according to local authorities.

At the time of the incident, the baby’s father was at work and the mother had gone out to buy congee while the child slept. The local police congratulated the quick action of Ha who thanks to his bravery avoided what could have been a real tragedy.

The baby’s mother wanted to reward the cyclist and as a form of gratitude, she invited him to dinner that same day, once the baby was safe after the medical check-up.

A few months ago in a town near the area, a man also had an incredible rescue act, a child had fallen with his bicycle into a river and the strong current dragged him some feet.

One of the men who was passing over a bridge dropped what he was carrying and dived to save the little boy. Heroic actions that we always love to read.