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Life is full of coincidences. Most events that happen to us are completely random and without the possibility of planning them they end up taking us on different paths than we would have ever thought.

Among the many things that can happen without warning are twins who are assigned by the genetics lottery. The other is love. But how are these two things related in this story?

Two twin sisters, Venessa and Kerissa D’Arpino, 25, work as personal fitness trainers. So, through a common client, they met two boys who work in sports medicine with the peculiarity that they, Lucas and Jacob Sealby, 29, are also identical twins.


Two Sets Of Identical Twins Started Dating And Now Live Together

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Venessa and Lucas liked each other and Kerissa and Jacob did as well, so they organized a double date and love arose instantly so they kept dating. Weeks went by and now they have a beautiful relationship and are very much in love.

“My sister and I grew up as best friends and we were always together but we never imagined that we would fall in love with another set of twins,” said Venessa.

The four became very close, to the point that now – and only three months after meeting each other – they have decided to live together and document their respective relationships on social media.

This peculiar quartet receives daily gazes from astonished people and questions about how their relationship works but they assure that they have a very positive dynamic and that even though it may be difficult for strangers to distinguish them, they know perfectly who is who at any given moment.

“Marriage is high on our priority list for years to come. But we are sure not to have a wedding together, after all, two parties are better than one,” said Kerissa.

This unlikely union defies statistics and turns out to be the perfect definition for the phrase “one in a million.”