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One of the most distinctive features of a person is – undoubtedly – their hair. The way hair is used can be linked to personality, tastes, nature and can even represent a large part of the cultural heritage of its wearer.

Kieran Moïse has always had spectacular hair. As a child, his curly hair grew fast and thick to form a large afro.

In fact, at the age of 11, was the last time that he cut or trimmed it, since then and with much effort and care his curls had grown unstoppably. Kieran was obviously very proud of his hair.

The story changed when 17-year-old Kieran decided to join the United States Air Force Academy within which, as can be expected, the rules establish much shorter hairstyles than this boy was used to. So he decided that if his hair had to go it would do it with a bang.


17-Year-Old Organizes A Fundraiser To Help Children With Cancer, Raises $38,000 By Cutting His Afro

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Kieran organized a fundraiser within his community. The event would consist of receiving donations as his hair was cut. His mother, friends, teachers, and neighbors all took turns sectioning the once-long hair of this great boy one curl at a time.

The fundraiser was a great success and Kieran was able to raise $38,000 which will go towards helping children suffering from cancer.

“I’ll lose part of my personality, but I’ll also gain something,” said Kieran.

The event was very emotional for Kieran and all those close to him, not only because of the incredible change that the young man underwent but also because of the beautiful cause that he decided to help.

Kieran’s now-cut curls were also packaged and sent to a hair foundation to make a wig for people with cancer. Kieran proved that there is always a way to help others and make the world a better place one hair at a time.