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Carnivals are supposed to be places full of laughter, games, and fun in exciting rides, so you would never expect a machine in them to lead a whole group of people to a dangerous life-threatening experience.

The National Cherry Festival in Michigan was going well, hundreds of people had gone to have fun and spent a different day, however, the malfunction of a ride put everyone present on the edge of their seats.

The Magic Carpet Ride is a machine that spins in circles along a single axis as riders are seated. Sounds like a fun ride but it wasn’t for these people.

As it moved in its normal rotation the bypassers realized that the ride was also rocking back and forth, in a clearly different way than it should be.


Attraction Malfunction Nearly Becomes A Tragedy

One person began filming the episode of what appeared to be a terrible accident ready to occur. The base of the ride begins to lift off the ground as the mechanical arm rotating on its own axis picks up speed and the screams of despair begin to fill the air. Concern for the people on the ride was growing and it is unknown if they were even aware of what was happening.

A passerby decided to jump into action and others quickly followed. With everyone’s strength, they managed to hold the base of the ride so that it stopped swinging until it finally stopped and all the people on board managed to get off safely. This group of ordinary but courageous citizens just saved their lives.

“The magic carpet ride that malfunctioned last night was removed and is in route to its manufacturer to be inspected,” said Kat Paye executive director for the National Cherry Festival.

Luckily, everything was just a scare and the video went viral on social media, shocking everyone who has seen it and generating thousands of comments that praise the courage of these people to take that risk to save others.