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When it comes to lunch, there aren’t many exciting things about it. It is just a part of our daily basis and a nice break while we are in school or working. But if you put a little time and effort into your food, it can be something to really look forward to.

Bento boxes are the perfect example of a fun and beautiful meal. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, you might not get why a box would be something amazing. They are Japanese lunches to go that have been part of their culture for more than five hundred years.

The boxes usually contain rice, fish or meat, and some vegetables, they are handmade and look beautifully organized. Japanese mothers love to make bento boxes for their children, and though it doesn’t require a lot of artistic or creative skills, some people are able to create extraordinary pieces.


Japanese Mom Takes School Lunches To A Whole New Level

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It is popular to create drawings or characters with this type of food because if something is physically amusing for children, they will eat it without any problem, so parents in Japan often learn this practice. However, Tomomi Maruo is an expert on bento boxes and takes it to another whole level. She can make literally anything with a little bit of rice and some seaweed, from Pikachu and Hello Kitty to Trump and Michael Jackson.

She has been making these art pieces for decades and teaches kyaraben, the art on how to make them since 2006. Her boxes are always called “too cute to eat” and she has gained a lot of popularity on the Internet thanks to her unique pieces.

It all started when she used to make these lunches for her children to take to kindergarten and the other mothers were thrilled to learn how to make them as well, so she decided to invite them to her house and show them her techniques, which she continued to do until this day.

Every box takes from 20 to 90 minutes each day, depending on the difficulty of the character, since she wants them to be as accurate and perfect as possible. Of course, she doesn’t forget the nutritional value and provides a balanced meal every lunch that makes her kids happy and healthy.

These beautiful lunches show the dedication and love that a mother can put in mundane things for their children and sure will be always nicely remembered by her kids.