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Grandparents are a very important part of any childhood. They fill us with unconditional love and transmit their wisdom to us creating memories that last a lifetime. Sadly, grandparents don’t live forever, although they should. The fact is that at some point we will all have to see them go.

An emotional letter that a child wrote to his grandparents who passed away a year ago went viral recently.

Keita is a 7-year-old Spanish boy who has decided to write a message for his grandparents. Expressing his love to them and even adding a couple of gifts to show how much he misses them.

“Grandfather and grandmother: I hope you are very well. I want you to draw me what infinity looks like to know that you are well. And I also want to know if you are Gods,” says the letter.

Keita accompanies the letter with a drawing of himself, probably to tell his grandparents how much he has grown in the last few months. He also added two cups as a gift, one with his grandmother’s favorite cookies and the other with olives for his grandfather as he remembers that he liked them a lot.

Eva Tovar, the aunt of this amazing child, saw the letter and the cups on the table, so moved by the action, she decided to take a photo of it and post it on social media where thousands of people have been able to see the beautiful gesture of love of this child by his grandparents.

The publication went viral and many reacted to it, including some celebrities, praising the attitude and imagination of the child, adding that they are sure that his grandparents look at him and take care of him from above. Others even indicated that the grandparents will always remain alive as long as the grandchildren remember them.