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Thomas Alva Edison was an American businessman and inventor, which is known as America’s greatest inventor of all time. Edison’s best ability was to use his skills to improve current ideas, holding over 1093 patents in the USA.

His projects made him a net worth of 170 million dollars. And even created the now well-known company General electric, which previously was Edison Lamp Company and now has a net worth around $88 billion. That’s why today, we’re going to honor him by letting you know 10 fun facts about him.


10. He Didn’t Have A Conventional Education

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He was taken off from school at an early age and was homeschooled and self-taught. He even started working at the age of 12 having multiple jobs at his young age contrary to the conventional thinking of MBA degrees or formal education.


9. Thomas Edison Had Various Patents In The Cement Business

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He owned 49 cement patents including cement processing equipment, waterproofing cement paint, and even a mold for single-pour concrete construction. He developed cement manufacturers including the production of concrete furniture and houses. There was no doubt that Edison saw in cement a no waste and cheap material with great benefits.


8. He Was An Advocate Of The Direct Current

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There was a debate about which current was better to distribute power on high-voltage alternating current (AC) and large-scale low-voltage direct current (DC). It could be said that the AC won by receiving the highly desired contract to build a hydroelectric plant in Niagara Falls.


7. He Proposed Using Morse Code

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The greatest inventor of all time couldn’t get figure out the best way to proclaim his love and asked his better half to join him for life. He proposed to his wife by using morse code, while his wife answered yes in the same way of communication.


6. His First Invention Was The Phonograph

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Edison invented the Phonograph based on his knowledge and experimenting with the telegraph and the telephone. He accomplished recording sounds vibration on cylinders thanks to the power of a diaphragm. He figured out a way to record the movements of the diaphragm with a needle and playback human voices.


5. He May Have Invented Tattoo Machines

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In 1876, Thomas Edison patented an electric pen designed to duplicate documents. The needle punctured the sheet 50 times per second, the invention didn’t have the expected success. However, it helped but it signified the past of the future copy machine and tattoo machines.


4. Thomas And Joseph Swan Invented The Incandescent Lamp

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He and his team designed the incandescent lamps by using electricity to heat a thin strip of material called a filament until it gets hot enough to glow. The key was to create the filament in a perfect material that wasn’t too expensive, was not burned fast, and could glow brightly and they got it with the filament of carbon.


3. He Created The Motion Picture Camera

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Called the Spiral Kinetograph, it was created in 1888 thanks to the help of his assistant W.K.L Dickson. The invention was basically a wheel that grabbed a film strip that contained a sequential series of images creating the illusion of motion while moving fast. One of the first films recorded was a man doing tricks on a single gear bike and two cats boxing with each other


2. He Patented Batteries

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In 1906, he patented a new alkaline battery with desulphurized rubber insulators in order to increase its efficiency and lifetime. Also, a century ago Thomas Edison was already creating prototypes of nickel-iron batteries for its use in powering vehicles which are being applied now for renewal energy storage.


1. Edison Was Working On A Project To Communicate With Dead People

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In 1920, he reported that he was invested in a project to communicate with those who were no longer with us. However, Edison died in October of 1931, having never completed his so-called spirit phone. Needless to say, people never took this invention seriously, regardless of his prestige as an inventor.