Crazy as it may seem, tattoos have been a part of human culture for ages. Ancient tribes inked their bodies as a part of rituals, and now it’s more normal to see people get their arms and legs covered with figures.

For some people, tattoos are a bad decision, while for others it is art. Whatever the case, some people seem to have taken their passion for ink way too far. Here we are going to see the 10 most tattooed people ever.


10. Paul Lawrence “The Enigma”

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The Enigma – born Paul Lawrence– is an American musician, actor, and freak artist. Lawrence has undergone various body modifications, such as nose implants, ear modifications, piercings, and tattoos, among others. He holds the Guinness record for having 2123 puzzle pieces tattooed on his body.


9. Kala Kawai

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Kala Kawai has 75% of her body tattooed. Yes, that means he has only 25% of natural skin on his body. His passion for tattooing, piercing, and body modification led him to have his studio in Hawaii, where you can try and emulate his body art.


8. Dennis Avner

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He was an American man widely known as Catman, although he preferred to be called Stalking Cat. Dennis Avner made considerable changes to his physical appearance to resemble a tiger. According to Kevin Gournay, a lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Avner may suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Avner was found dead in his Tonopah, Nevada home on November 5, 2012. Since then, the cause has not been clarified, although it is presumed to be suicide.


7. Tom Leppard

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Tom Leppard, born Tom Wooldridge, also known as Leopard Man or Leopard Man of Skye, was an English-born soldier formerly considered by Guinness World Records as the most tattooed man in the world and later recognized as the most tattooed senior citizen. He reportedly spent £5,500 on his extensive body modifications, which covered his skin almost entirely with a leopard-like color pattern. He died aged 80, on 12 June 2016.


6. Rick Stephan Genest

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Rick Stephan Genest was a Canadian actor and model known for having most of his body tattooed with anatomical details, simulating a skeleton with various viscera, which earned him the nickname Zombie Boy. According to his mother, he waited until he was sixteen to get his first tattoo out of respect for his father. On August 1, 2018, Genest was found dead after falling from the balcony of his apartment in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.


5. Julia Gnuse

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According to the Guinness World Record, the most tattooed woman in the world is Julia Gnuse, known as “The Illustrated Woman”. Julia Gnuse, who was born in 1955 in Flint (Michigan), had 95% of her body tattooed. The reason for having tattooed almost her entire body was due to cutaneous porphyria, a disease she suffered from since birth, which caused blisters to appear all over her body when she was in contact with sunlight. These blisters eventually turned into scars, so she began to get tattoos to hide them. Julia Gnuse passed away on August 11, 2016, at the age of 61.


4. Erik Sprague “The Lizardman”

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Erik Sprague, also known as ‘The Lizardman’ is an artist, musician, editor, and supporting actor who works in festivals and freak shows and occasionally in films, known for being one of the most tattooed men in the world, in addition to undergoing body modifications including teeth, forked tongue, and subdermal implants. He has most of his body tattooed in the form of green scales.


3. Etienne Dumont

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Etienne Dumont is an art and culture critic for a newspaper in Genoa, who happens to have his body covered in the most vibrant tattoos ever created. He also has silicon implants under his skin to give him a “horned” look, 2.7-inch holes in his earlobes, plexiglass piercings through his nose, and lower lip. “I display my tattoos as art,” he says.


2. Betty Broadbent

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This circus artist was a pioneer of female tattooing. She challenged the stereotypical view of beauty in the 1930s with more than 500 tattoos scattered all over her skin. Considered the most tattooed and photographed woman of the 20th century, Betty Broadbent was also the first tattooed person to participate in a televised beauty contest in New York, and also the first to be inducted into the Tattoo Hall of Fame in 1981, where she vindicated this transgressed form of beauty at a time when tattoos were only for men.


1. Lucky Diamond Rich

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Lucky Diamond Rich, born Gregory Paul McLaren, is a New Zealander who holds the record for being the most tattooed person in the world. He has tattoos all over his body, including his eyelids, mouth, ears, foreskin, gums, and under his feet. In 2006 he was certified as the most tattooed. His tattoos were done by 136 artists from different countries, and he spent more than 1000 hours in studios and tattoo centers. He has also redesigned his body; he has been tattooed over the other designs with colored inks since initially his drawings were made with black, which is why Guinness World Records states that he has 200% of his body tattooed.