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There are many obstacles in life, but the important thing is to always keep fighting. Some people are born with more privileges than others, but the resilience and drive that a person may have to get ahead can overcome any barrier.

A clear example of this is Freddie Figgers. This 31-year-old man, programmer, and entrepreneur founded Figgers Communication, a telecommunications company and cellular phone manufacturer based in Florida that provides cellular, mobile broadband, home phone, and international calling services.

According to recent estimates, this company is worth at least $62 million. Everything seems to be perfect in Freddie’s life but his story was not easy.

He was born in Florida in September 1989 and was abandoned by his biological mother in a garbage dump just a couple of days after his birth. The little baby spent hours in that place, crying, helpless, and on the way to certain death. Then, a miracle happened.

Two people passed by and heard the desperate cries of the baby. They were Peter and Betty Figgers, at the time 66 and 74 years old respectively. They had children of their own and in the past, they had taken in children whose parents were absent but had decided not to do anymore due to their advanced age. However, this child made them change their minds.

Perter and Betty decided to adopt Freddie and give him all the love and guidance that a child deserves. Freddie says that during his years at school he received a lot of mistreatment from his classmates because of his story, he affirms that they constantly made fun of him and called him “Dumpster Baby”.

“My parents gave me all the love anyone could ever want. They did everything for me. I never felt the need to search for my biological family because my mom and dad, my Betty and my Nathan, they were everything to me, and I loved them. They are great people. They taught me to have integrity, to always do the right thing, to never forget my origins. I saw my father always helping people, stopping along the way to assist strangers, feeding the homeless. He was an amazing man and I want to be like him,” Freddie told BBC when telling his story.

And it is thanks to that wonderful couple, Freddie was able to grow up in a loving home where he found his great passion. From his teens, he was heavily interested in technology. Then, at just 16 years old, he founded his company and it hasn’t stopped growing since then.

This story of self-improvement fills us with inspiration and confirms that there is no obstacle that with will and strength cannot be overcome.