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Salvador Dali is universally known for being one of the most unique and out-of-the-box thinkers of all time. He also described himself as “I am Surrealism” after being expelled from the surrealist movement group by several colleagues. The reason was because of several differences throughout his career and his denial of declaring himself in support of left-wing ideologies.

Throughout his life, the Catalan artist managed to impact society by his magnificent artistic works, which still travel the world and are exhibited in the best museums. Also, his antics and eccentric behavior helped to leave a peculiar and indelible stamp in the 20th century. “Just because I don’t know the meaning of my art, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t,” he once said.

Everybody knows Dali but not many people could actually tell you anything about him other than his iconic mustache and most famous works. That’s why today, we’ll let you know 10 fun facts about the master of surrealism, Salvador Dali:


10. He Starred In Several Commercials

One of his former business and artistic partners often referred to Salvador Dali as ‘Avida Dollars’, an anagram that referred to his passion for money. That’s why it’s not a surprise to see him starring in multiple commercials, such as Chocolate Lavin, Alka Seltzer, and Veteran.


9. His Phobia

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As you may know by now, many of Dali’s works, represented fear, evil, and some dark emotion, shaped like some insects. As a child, he had a phobia of grasshoppers, which can be reflected in some paintings such as “The Great Masturbator.”


8. Pablo Picasso Lent Him Money

One of the greatest exponents of Cubism, Pablo Picasso, had no rivalry with the surrealist master. In fact, they confessed mutual artistic admiration. It is known that Picasso lent Dali money to travel to America on one occasion, a demonstration of their good relationship.


7. He Was Arrested In New York

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On one occasion, Salvador Dali revealed in an interview that he was arrested for destroying the mannequins and the showcase of a store on 5th Avenue in New York. It was because the store had changed its design the day before. What a character, man.


6. Dali’s Aunt Was Also His Stepmother

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It’s safe to say that the world has changed – a lot – over the past couple of decades, especially when it comes to forming your family. Well, after Salvador Dali’s mother died, his father actually married his wife’s sister, thus making his aunt also his stepmother.


5. He Scammed Yoko Ono

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According to Amanda Lear, Yoko Ono was the victim of a hilarious scam from the artist. Salvador Dali sold him part of his famous mustache for 10 thousand dollars, but in exchange, he gave him nothing but dry grass. Beatles fans must be thrilled to know this.


4. He Was Attracted To Adolf Hitler

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Before World War II, Dalí painted “Hitler’s Enigma” causing discontent and criticism in the artistic sector to which the painter replied “I often dreamed of Hitler as if he was a woman. Hitler’s skin, which I imagined to be very white, seduced me.” Also after the war (in 1973) he painted “Hitler Masturbating”.


3. Christian Dior Exhibed Some Of His Work

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In the final years of the 1920s and long before being a renowned designer, Christian Dior was a gallerist in Paris and exhibited some of Dali’s works. Who would say that, just some years later, he would also become a worldwide sensation?


2. Destiny: A Short Film By Disney And Dali

The painter collaborated with Disney Studios on a short film called “Destiny” in 1946. Sadly, said short film wasn’t concluded because of economic drawbacks. Destiny was premiered 57 years later using the original 18 seconds – from the beginning – that the project had.


1. Dali Was An Exotic Pets Lover

There was nothing regular about Salvador Dali, not even his pets. He had Babou, an ocelot, as a pet, with which he frequented restaurants. There was also a rumor that he had an anteater, with which he photographed himself on the street and had the TV show “The Cavett Show”.

Geniuses like him aren’t easy to understand. Even he once said: “Dalí never understood a painting by Dalí, because Dalí only created riddles.” Well, we can agree on that, Salvador.