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As you may know by now, Michael Jordan is of the most important sportsmen in history and probably the most incredible basketball player we have ever seen. He was the leader of the Chicago Bulls and the ‘Dream Team’, he also has a clothing brand called Air Jordan, appeared in the famous movie Space Jam, and played baseball for some years.

We all have heard of Michael Jordan, an inspirational talent of his generation because of his mentality and capacity to do incredible shots and dunks, but besides his great accomplishments what else could we know about the life of MJ.

As a matter of fact, Michael Jordan has made sure to keep his private life private, and there aren’t many things most people know about him outside of sports. That’s why today, we’ll dig a little deeper into ‘The GOAT’s’ life, letting you know 10 fun facts about him.


10. Michael Jordan Loved Gambling

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Michael Jordan is a very competitive person even outside the court and that has been documented countless times, even after his playing days were over. One of his passion was gambling on, well, pretty much everything, and some people say that he even lost $5.000.000 in one day.


9. The Miami Heat Retired His Jersey

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The Miami Heat, a team he never played for, retired his number in his honor. The admiration for Jordan transcended the barriers of different teams, and in 2003 the Heat’s president retired #23, the first number ever retired for the franchise of Miami.


8. He Auctioned His Iconic Olympic Shoes

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Long before Michael Jordan signed a huge endorsement deal with Nike and his brand ‘Air Jordan’ was born, he used to wear Converse. In fact, he didn’t even like Nike, to begin with. Notably, he recently auctioned his 1984 Olympics converses for a record $615.000.


7. He Copied ‘The Tongue Wag’ From His Father

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Michael was known for – sometimes disrespectfully – taking his tongue out when he drove to the rim to mock his rivals. He used to make a tongue wag because of his father, who also did it when he was growing up. He copied it and later became a bit of a habit.


6. His Best Friend Drove Him On A Limo

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Michael Jordan came from a humble background and he’s always been a man of not-so-many friends. Coincidentally, though, George Koehler – one of his best friends – was actually the limo driver who showed him around town when he first arrived in Chicago.


5. Michael Jordan Donated His Salary 

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Most of you may know that Michael made a brief comeback to the NBA with the Washington Wizards as a player-executive. what probably you didn’t know, is that Jordan donated all his salary to the victims of the terrible 9/11 tragedy.


4. Michael Punched Steve Kerr In The Eye

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He had a fight with actual Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr when they used to play together in a practice of the Chicago Bulls, after the incident they became closer friends. Kerr retaliated and it says that it showed Michael he had a strong character and could be trusted.


3. He’s Phobic Of Water

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Michael Jordan developed a phobia to water because of multiple incidents where people close to him drowned. First, at a very young age, a friend lost his life this way, and his girlfriend in college drowned too in a swimming pool, thus prompting his fear.


2. Jordan’s Chest Tattoo

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Many people haven’t seen it yet, but Michael Jordan actually has a faint green tattoo on his chest with the Greek letter “omega”, which represents the fraternity he used to be part of his university life, back when he attended the University of North Carolina.


1. The ‘Flu Game’ Myth

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He played the full game 5 in 1997’s NBA Finals scoring 38 points with flu that actually was because of food poisoning. There are also rumors that say that he was hungover that night. Whatever the case may be, he still put on a huge show for the Bulls.