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When you hear Leonardo da Vinci, I bet the first thing to pop up in your head is the Mona Lisa. Who hasn’t heard about the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci’s magnificent masterpiece. It’s literally the painting everyone knows. After all, it is the most visited painting not only in the Louvre but in the world.

But Leonardo Da Vinci is much more than just the father of the Mona Lisa. He is one of the greater painters of all time. Besides, he was a writer, an inventor, a sculptor, and even a musician- His techniques were so revolutionary during the Renaissance that transcended history.

His fame gave him a mysterious air, surrounding him in a dozen myths, rumors, and legends that sometimes turn out to be fake. Come with me as we unravel the 5 myths about Leonardo Da Vinci.


Myth #1: There Are Secret Codes And Symbols In Leonardo’s Works

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So, you’ve probably heard about “The Da Vinci Code”, the mystery thriller book made into a movie in 2006. Credits to the author Dan Brown, he created a fictional scenario for his novel, intensifying the belief of secret codes left by Leonardo Da Vinci in his artworks. But I’m afraid to tell you that, despite Leonardo’s innovative talents, this myth is false.


Myth #2: Leonardo Da Vinci Didn’t Finish Many Of His Works

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Leonardo Da Vinci was known as a very slow worker due to his countless interests that used to distract him, jumping from one to another. In the Louvre, you may find the “Mona Lisa”, which – contrary to what you think, wasn’t finished.  Another example of this is “The Virgin and Child with St. Anne”. It didn’t happen just in his artwork, but also in his inventions, for there’s no evidence that any of them were ever built. All this information enables us to declare that this myth is true.


Myth #3: Da Vinci’s Sketch On Human Anatomy Wasn’t Meant To Be Public

Vitruvian Man Leonardo Da Vinci
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Known as the “Vitruvian Man”, it shows the ideal proportions of a man. It is believed to symbolize the divine connection between the human and the universe: the perfect proportion of a human as a whole. However, it was discovered in one of Leonardo’s many private notebooks. The original sketch is kept in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice. It is extremely delicate so it’s only on display for special occasions. So it is true. It wasn’t made to be public.


Myth #4: The Last Supper Is Related Somehow Yo Leonardo’s Homosexuality

The Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci
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Many researchers have come to the conclusion that Leonardo Da Vinci was a homosexual, or in any case, bisexual, due to his propensity to be with young men. As a matter of fact, in 1476 he was accused of sodomy. Since sodomy was punished by death in Florence, he moved to Milan, where he painted another of his few completed artworks “The Last Supper”. Would he have painted this recognizable masterpiece if he hadn’t moved to Milan? We’ll never know.


Myth #5: Leonardo Wrote Backward As A Secret Code

Da Vinci writing
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Leonardo’s handwriting was distinctive since he used to mirror-write. This means he used to write in reverse. His peculiar way of writing backward perpetuated the mysterious image of the artist. But instead, this habit comes from the fact that he was a lefthander and by writing backward he didn’t blur the ink with his hand’s heel. As a matter of fact, if you want to “crack the code”, you just need a mirror. In conclusion, no, Leonardo wasn’t trying to keep his ideas secret.