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It surely has happened to all of us at least once that when we order food from a restaurant they bring it to us with some kind of error. Perhaps they bring you something that you did not ask for, or in less quantity, or sometimes in a state that is not adequate. However, they are understandable mistakes most of the time due to the high volume of orders that these fast-food chains tend to have.

In the Philippines, a woman had decided that she did not want to cook that night, so she chose to order from a fast-food restaurant chain that she found near her home and that her son likes a lot.

Alique Perez ordered some pieces of Jollibee fried chicken for her and her son, after a few minutes of waiting the order finally arrived at her house, and when she was about to serve it on the plate to eat she realized that something was not right. She could not cut it with the knife, so she decided to open the chicken piece directly with her hands and what she saw was surprising.

She had not received fried chicken, instead, she received a fried towel. Just as you read it. A towel that somehow went into the fryer and then was sent to a customer.

“This is really disturbing … How the hell can you stick the towel into the batter and even fry it!?!?” Alique said.

Alique was shocked and disgusted that this could happen. In fact, until that moment, she was incredulous of the stories of people who claimed to have found strange things in their food. This incident obviously made her change her mind on that.

Alique herself made the claim through social media, showing her outrage at what happened and worried about how many towel-contaminated chicken pieces had been sold to unsuspecting customers who do not know what they really bought.

The post went viral and the restaurant chain has responded by apologizing and informing that the branch would be closed for several days while they controlled the situation and retrained all staff to prevent something like this from happening again.